Making Lemonade

We were originally supposed to leave Monday for Mwanza, but our flight got bumped to Tuesday, screwing up an already tight schedule. Matt has a half-dozen different groups on the agenda that he wants to touch base with in a very short period. Losing a full day sitting in the hotel was going to be frustrating.

Fortunately we had internet and power, and he tried rescheduling a meetup with an orphanage on the outskirts of Nairobi. There's a computer room at this place and a number of older kids who are working through online classes (several are learning computer programming). We had 5 Raspberry Pi computers that were upgrades from the older equipment they currently had. Frustratingly, the day got later without a response. He had been there before, but didn't know an address to find it again.

Eventually we set out for lunch at the super posh and utterly non-suffering-for-the-Lord-feeling Fairview Hotel across the road from the Israeli Embassy in Nairobi. We used UBER for much of our travel, and though I don't use taxis much at home, it worked pretty spectacularly.
Who doesn't like to be photographed with their meal? Lunch was great (I had a tuna filet the size of a cantaloupe), and the road was covered with spike strips and armed Israelis patrolling the area. I heeded the No Photography signage.

By the time we got back to the hotel it was getting into late afternoon and end-of-day traffic was picking up severely. "Probably best we didn't hear from the orphanage now, because getting there this time of day would be a mess," someone said, shortly before the e-mail response showed up from the orphanage. In the hotel lobby we ran into Joseph -- a cabbie Matt had met on a previous trip who agreed to get us to the orphanage.

The trip to the orphanage was memorable. The roads got worse along with the living conditions as we left the city center. We reached the orphanage about 30 minutes ahead of sundown, and had to fjord ford some roads that barely qualified for the term. Rain and "construction" had turned travel into a coin-toss. One of Joseph's tires was flat by the time we arrived. He opted to hang around for our return trip and swapped to his spare while we worked on the computer upgrade. Joseph earned a hefty tip for his patience Monday night.

The computer upgrade went moderately well, though we had some lingering issues with audio playback. As the mosquitos and fluorescents buzzed, we trawled the internet for arcane fixes across a trickle of bandwidth.
Insuring a strong supply of fellow nerds for years to come. =) We weren't able to solve all the issues, but we identified some new needs (keyboards and earbuds!) and hopefully can provide remote fixes once we get home.

It was pretty late when we took off, and getting out of the area was nerve-wracking. Confusing dirt roads, tons of pedestrians, bicycles and livestock crossing your path, and the only real light was headlights and storefronts. Joseph was a pro though, and made his spare tire earn its place in that rear-left wheel well.
Joseph & Matt, arriving at the hotel in time for the nightly mosquito conference in our room