Add it up

Wednesday was our first full day in Bulima, the village Matt has visited numerous times over the last 15 years, and I've only been once (or »

More like a Rook than a Bishop

On Tuesday morning we had an early flight to Mwanza. We raced through the packing and careful styling of our hair, having stayed up the last »

Making Lemonade

We were originally supposed to leave Monday for Mwanza, but our flight got bumped to Tuesday, screwing up an already tight schedule. Matt has a half-dozen »

Red Dawn

It might have sounded like random bursts of lonely applause coming out of a suite at the Ngong Hills Hotel last night. Punctuated by occasional wall-punching »

Kenya feel the love?

About 9:00 PM local time (8 hours ahead, so about 1pm Towanda Time) we touched down at the Nairobi airport. I sat next to a »