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9 - A Warm Reception
The newlyweds cooked for the extended family, and it was delicious. Also, adults are crazy around kids.
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Past Mumbling
e're on the lam for a few days. No authorities are hot on our trail, however; just life and responsiblities. I'm in the air with two guys from my church, Tate & Jon, heading to Navajo Country in Arizona. An evening flight meant...
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was making a pair of PB & J sandwiches tonight when the equation clicked. Sally's gone to Kentucky to grade essay questions for students seeking advanced placement, so I've had a fair number of these sandwiches while she's away. The bread was best...
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oday was election day in our tiny village, and my spot for Board Trustee was up for grabs. I decided to run again for another four year term. The first 2 years I did it were pretty miserable, because I didn't know...
Read the rest of “Darkhorse Candidate” posted 3 years ago on Tuesday, Apr the 5th 2011
his morning I found myself looking up the domain expiration for a friend's site, and as a consequence also saw the original registration date for this particular site you're just so lucky to be reading (or at least the .net version of it) and...
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t all goes so fast. There's nothing particularly wise in noting that, but I think we lead a very different sort of life up until we realize how fast. After the reality taps us on the shoulder, we get to figure out how to spend...
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o today we crossed into some new and uncharted territory. We started tearing out the second floor in the sanctuary. It's a tiny job by the standards of any contractor worth his salt, and probably only a medium-sized job to us, the (dumb) people...
Read the rest of “It's a bird... a plane... It's MY WIFE” posted 3 years, 7 months ago on Saturday, Sep the 18th 2010
he Peter Graves TV version, too, not that cinematic vomit Tom Cruise ran wild-eyed through. Sally and I had a mission, which we decided to accept, to get moved out of our church and activate some demolitions on the way out the door....
Read the rest of “Queue the Mission: Impossible theme song” posted 3 years, 7 months ago on Friday, Sep the 17th 2010
o way back in June Sally and I entered into our 5th year of marriage, and I lost a lot of bets. On the upside however, we became so disgusted with our living conditions that we've decided to move out. Like rats from...
Read the rest of “Movin' on up, Wheezy” posted 3 years, 8 months ago on Monday, Aug the 16th 2010
ally's in charge of the radio, so we're listening to something embarrassing; "Call me Mr. Flinstone, 'cause I can make your Bedrock.". This is what happens after the 20th hour of a road trip. The system breaks down, radio selections become chaotic, and Sally turns...
Read the rest of “The post where I'm all whiney” posted 3 years, 8 months ago on Saturday, Jul the 24th 2010
he girls are giggly. They'll dread this news being broadcast to the eight people who occasionally look in this corner of the web, but it's true. They're here because they love sports and have big hearts and want to make an impact and...
Read the rest of “Basque Tripping: Powered by Nutella” posted 3 years, 11 months ago on Thursday, May the 13th 2010
h, the soothing power of routine. When you're in a strange place, any bit of repetition becomes a point of familiar reference to cling to. It starts with where you sleep, and until you go out a few times, you cower in...
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he short version is that we're at our destination, alive, safe, and really didn't have to deal with anything worse than stress; Escalating, gnawing, soul-grinding stress. You didn't come here for the short version though, and by gum, I'm incapable of telling any story in...
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had a pretty great birthday yesterday. It started before the birthday even arrived, in fact, and it really hasn't ended yet because I haven't gone to sleep. My parents and Sally's parents sent nice cards and gifts earlier in the week, and...
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'm engaged in time travel by the most predictable means possible. Today marks a creep forward on my biological ticker, as I plant my foot on the far side of mid-thirties. I am now twice the minimum voting age, and halfway to...
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he couldn't get up stairs anymore without help, and her pain was evident. Walking was difficult, but she always got up to greet you. The vet came tonight and put her to sleep. She was a good dog. As good...
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6 months, 3 weeks ago
I can't find a finished picture of the table anywhere. Lol am I missing ... view
8 months, 2 weeks ago
Great pic! Any post processing on this one - or is this all "in-camera" goodness? view
9 months, 2 weeks ago
Our neighbors recently trapped a groundhog in their back yard that had been digging holes ... view
11 months, 1 week ago
Nice. The lady who's home we found the snake next to asked us to ... view
11 months, 1 week ago
Careful Indy - that's NOT a bullwhip. view
1 year, 12 months ago
Did you ever go on a trip that wasn't strictly carry-on?? LOL view
2 years ago
Papa Bear
Try the frybread. SO NUTRITIOUS and tastes like an asbestos shingle. Remember that walking DOWN ... view
2 years ago
YES!!! The new post's here!!! The new post's here!!! More curmudgeon humor that ... view
2 years, 3 months ago
This looks like your reaction to Sally's photo direction... "Now turn around and look ... view
2 years, 4 months ago
I feel your pain. I really do. I think the room looks great now so ... view
Older Film
Part of “Pike-Williams Wedding, 2013”
15 preening photos taken on July 9, 2013
The magistrate who married Jon & Emily introduced us to his parents, both in their nineties and still running a barbershop.

Part of “Pike-Williams Wedding, 2013”
10 emo photos taken on July 9, 2013
Critters and such

Part of “Pike-Williams Wedding, 2013”
13 hefty photos taken on July 9, 2013
Some shots of the lucky newlyweds.

Part of “Pike-Williams Wedding, 2013”
26 rebellious photos taken on July 9, 2013
The deed is done, and now everyone can breathe again.

Part of “Pike-Williams Wedding, 2013”
26 enticing photos taken on July 9, 2013
The exchange of words and metal!

Part of “Pike-Williams Wedding, 2013”
14 smartly-dressed photos taken on July 9, 2013
Heading out through a gator-infested swamp to exchange some vows.

Part of “Pike-Williams Wedding, 2013”
18 smelly photos taken on July 9, 2013
Can we get two witnesses? And a magistrate for good measure?

Part of “Pike-Williams Wedding, 2013”
21 cavalier photos taken on July 9, 2013
Pre-wedding breakfast and getting everyone together to drive to the ceremony. Also hoping the rain was just a passing shower.